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Prayer Pagers

A prayer pager is given to an individual that is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, or recovering from a catastrophic accident.

The purpose of the prayer pager is to let the holder of a prayer pager know that someone most likely in their religious congregation is thinking of them, praying for them and most of all giving them love and hope for a speedy and successful recovery.

All faiths and religions have found prayer pagers to be very helpful and puts the pager holder in higher spirits and a brighter state of mind during their trying circumstances. Recovering patients have thanked their congregations for the uplifting feeling that prayer pagers have provided.

As a full service paging provider, PagersDirect has many options available for prayer pagers including local pager phone numbers, Toll free pager phone numbers, local service in over 90% of the United States, Nationwide Coverage and email text pagers that not only beep or vibrate but let the holder of the prayer pager actually see a text message that can be sent via email from anywhere in the world.

Until now, many prayer paging providers only offered numeric paging, the pager would just beep or vibrate and although it's the thought that counts, a pager beeping 30 times a day is not as personal as a text message from a loving and caring congregant. PagersDirect also offers specially programmed pagers that display "prayer sent" when a congregant calls the pager phone number and enters a special code.

With a PagersDirect Alpha- Numeric Text Prayer Pager, each congregant can send a short email text message such as "Our prayers are with you, We Love you and care for you, Get well soon. John and Kathy Scott, Ogden Utah Congregation"

PagersDirect Alpha Text Prayer pagers are a way that concerned people can let someone in need know that they are praying for them. A simple email is all it takes to let the person with the pager receive a text page, letting them know that someone is praying for them at that time.

Contact PagersDirect today to discuss your special requirements at 1-877-472-4370 ext 1. Our prayer pager category contains some of our more popular paging options but keep in mind we have developed special paging programs for organizations nationwide.

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