2-Way Pagers

2-Way Pagers

Pagers in this category are capable of receiving numbers dialed from a phone as well as emailed word messages plus you can email back directly from the pager.

If you choose the SMS text messaging option, you can also send and receive text messages to and from cell phones.

The newest and best 2-Way pager is the Zipit® Now™ TS 2-way messaging device. The Zipit® Now™ TS has the best coverage and the fastest response time. SMS Text Messaging is also included at no extra charge.

The Zipit® Now™ TS works on the nations largest wireless network as well as wi-fi and will switch back and forth between wireless and wi-fi depending on signal strength. Although the device itself is more expensive than our other 2-way pagers, the service is much less expensive.

Rate displayed under each pager is the cost of the pager with a 12 month prepaid service plan included, however, you may order any of our 2-way pagers including the Zipit® Now™ TS with 3 months, 12 months or 24 months of prepaid service.