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Motorola T900 2-way pager

Product Code: T900

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Motorola T900 2-way pager

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Price listed above includes cost of pager along with the plan selected:

3 month Ultra Deluxe Unlimited Rate [email protected]$39.95/mth + $29.95 pager cost = $149.80
12 month Ultra Deluxe Unlimited Rate [email protected]$39.95/mth - $479.40 + free pager
24 month Ultra Deluxe Unlimited Rate [email protected]$39.95/mth - $958.80 + free pager
Motorola T900 2-way pager is available for purchase in increments of 1


If you are considering the Motorola T900, consider prepaying for one year of service and Directpage will give you the T900 for FREE!  Great value if you are sure that you will be needing the T900 for at least 12 months.

The Motorola Talkabout T900 Two-Way Pager is the latest generation in pagers. The T900 is a wireless device that is capable of not only receiving pages, with it's built-in keyboard you can send and receive email text messages and write notes to other pagers.   Best yet, Motorola has designed the T900 pager to be very simple to use.

You'll love the small flip open keyboard, which gives you the ability to provide that critical answer immediately no matter where you are. This advanced paging device even stores your messages when you're out of coverage or the pager is turned off, making it virtually impossible to miss a page.

And you won't believe how small this new pager from Motorola is. The T900 measures a compact 3.19 by 2.15 by 0.90 inches and weighs a mere 3.86 ounces. It gives you 128KB of storage for messages and your personal address book (phone numbers, pager and e-mail addresses). The T900 is powered by a single AA battery, which should last about 2 weeks of average use. Select your new Motorola Talkabout T900 Pager today and Keep in Touch!



      • 4 Line Display
      • Optimax EL Electra Light Display
      • Lighted QWERTY Keyboard
      • Shows Time of Day and Date

Indicators/ Alert Features

      • Built-In Alarm Clock
      • User Selectable Alerts
      • Vibrating Alert
      • Reminder Alert
      • Alert Volume Control
      • Low Battery Indicator
      • Service Indicators

Messaging Features

      • 2way Messaging Capability
      • Preprogrammed Reply Capability
      • Address Book with 9 Fields of Information
      • Automatic Signature Capability
      • Confirmed Message Delivery
      • Stores up to 70,000 Total Characters
      • Message Preview
      • Message Management
      • Message Time and Date Stamping
      • Mailboxes 
      • Separate Folders to Save Important Messages
      • Erase All
      • Selective Erase
      • Saves Messages When Off or Changing the Battery
      • Error Correction


      • FLEX protocol for Advanced Paging Reliability
      • Information Services Capable
      • Information on Demand Capable

Control Features

      • Private Time
      • Quiet Mode


The T900 with annual service package requires 12 months of service prepaid along with pager purchase.  Twelve months are applied to your first eleven months of service and last month of service in advance. This means you will receive a bill for your next annual renewal of service that is due 11 months from your initial pager activation, if you choose not to pay...Your "last month of prepaid service" will kick in and your pager will be disconnected 12 months from your last service payment date.  If you would like to renew on a monthly basis instead of annual after the initial year, you may do so by contacting PagersDirect and requesting the billing to be changed.

All service option rates are based on 12 months of service prepaid.

(2-way pagers require a special activation process that may delay shipping by up to 72 hours. Please keep this in mind if selecting an expedited shipping option).

Wait before you order a Motorola T900...Check out the Ultimate 2way pager...The Brand New Zipit Wireless Device.  It does everything the T900 does and more and it's at least $10 less per month for the service.  




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