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Have you ever lost your pager, dropped it in a pool or had it stolen?  Then you may appreciate our new No Fault Pager Protection plan available on all 1way pagers.

When you sign up for any of annual one way pager service plans, you may select our No Fault Pager Protection option for just $1.50/month ($18.00 annual fee).

In the event that you need a replacement pager for any reason that is not covered under our free maintenance plan including loss, damage or theft, you may order a replacement pager for just a $10 deductible per loss.  That's a savings of $24.95 compared to our regular replacement cost!

Even if you only experience one loss in a year, you will save $6.95 compared to purchasing a replacement pager at regular price and not having the No Fault Pager Protection plan.  If you are unfortunate to have more than one loss in a year, the savings really add up.

Note:  If you have more than one pager on your account and choose to have the No Fault Pager Protection Plan, PagersDirect requires that each pager on your account have the No Fault Pager Protection plan added.  No Fault Pager Protection Plan must be added at time of initial purchase and remain in effect for the entire 1 year service plan.

If pager model is no longer available at time of loss claim, PagersDirect will replace pager with then current model with equivalent features.

PagersDirect reserves the right to cancel this optional service on any account if it is found that an excessive number of claims are registered.