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If you are a previous paging customer of a Paging Service that has closed or own an old pager on a frequency that is no longer supported...

PagersDirect would like to invite you to join www.pagersdirect.net and trade in your old pager.

Get at least 3 free months of local paging service when you trade in your old pager from another paging service*.  It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Here's the details...

  1. Choose from most of our single annual numeric or alpha numeric pager offers on the www.pagersdirect.net website
  2. When ordering, choose "Yes, I will send in my old pager for 3 extra months of service"  in the pager service options section of the order form.
  3. PagersDirect will send you a postage paid envelope along with your PagersDirect pager. Just drop your old pager in the envelope, mail it back to PagersDirect and once received, we will credit your PagersDirect airtime account with 3 free additional months of prepaid service.  That's a total of 15 months of paging service for the price of 12 plus get 1 more additional month of service when you order online for a total of 16 months of paging service.

It's that simple. For questions or more details, please call PagersDirect toll free at 1-877-472-4370 ext 1.

*New activation required for pager trade in offer.  If you are an existing PagersDirect paging customer wishing to renew service and wanting to trade in your old PagersDirect pager to receive 3 additional months of service, a new pager phone number will be assigned and your existing pager phone number will be canceled.

We look forward to serving you.