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Apollo 924 1-Way Alpha-Numeric Pager

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The following pager / service packages are available for this product:

The Apollo AL924 is a new alpha numeric pager, smaller than the Motorola Advisor Elite loaded with features:

2 & 4 Line Zoom Feature Alphanumeric
16 Memory Slots Up to 3150 (pocsag) 32000 (Flex) Character memory 
27000 (Flex) Character Per Mail Drop
Duplicate Message Detection
50 Memory Slots
Auto Scroll w/ Speed Control
Unread Message Display
User Selectable 12 / 24 Hour Clock
Selective Message Lock / Delete
Smart Chip Built-in
Zoom feature
4 Level Battery Capacity Indicator
Extra Long Battery life

20 Flex Personal Memory Slots 
16 Mail Drop Capacity
4 Alert Modes - Beep, Vibrate, Melody, Sleep
4 Beep Alerts, 10 Melody Alerts, Vibration-Sleep Mode
Battery Backup
1 Daily Alarm Sets
Month, Date, Year, Time Display
Back Light Display4 Line Alphanumeric Pager

Size: 2.375" x 1.625" x .75" 

  • Basic Service includes a local numeric pager phone number and local area coverage. Pager comes with it's own email address which consists of the the pager's 10 digit pager phone number @ the domain of the paging carrier. Example 8565551212@amsmsg.net You can either send emails to the pager or text the pager using the full email address as the text messaging address.