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Motorola LS550 1-Way Numeric Pager

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Motorola's LS550 numeric pager with non-traditional, "Xtreme" styling, is targeted at teens and young adults who use their pager as an essential communications center. This numeric pager, available with FLEX technology, offers many enhanced features, including:

  • 40 message slots
  • the ability to save messages when changing the battery
  • a smart alarm
  • time and date on standby
  • selective erase
  • private time
  • five musical alerts
  • silent vibration
  • message timestamping
  • the ability to lock messages
  • E-Luma-Glow soft blue display for superior readability

Important Information: Due to a shortage of original LS550 housings, our refurbishment supplier has been shipping some LS550 pagers in BR850 housings. This simply means the cosmetic look of the pager is the same as the Motorola BR850 but has the internal workings of the Motorola LS550. When available, we will ship LS550's in the original housings.