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OnPage 2-way Paging Smartphone App

Starting At

Starting price: $65.90 (first & last month of prepaid service). Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

Billed Monthly: OnPage Smartphone App @ $32.95 /paid monthly (first and last month prepaid in advance required at sign-up)
Billed Once Every 3 Months: OnPage Smartphone App @ $95.85 (avgs $31.95/month)
Billed Once Per Year: OnPage Smartphone App @ $359.40 (avgs $29.95/month)

OnPage is a smartphone app available for both iphone and Android Smartphones.

If you need more advanced features for you or your team, this is the pager/messaging app that offers all of the bells and whistles.

One of the most differentiating features is the ability to send an audible alert through the app even if your phone is set to "do not disturb" or vibrate alerts.

Perfect if you need to be alerted for an urgent time is of the essence matter and your phone is set to silent.

As with all of the Virtual Paging apps that we offer, You will also be able to receive numeric pages via a PagersDirect local or toll free pager phone number. 

When you need to get messages delivered fast and need to know for sure that your recipient has not only received the message but read it as well...OnPage can accomplish the job.

To get started, simply download the OnPage app for either your Apple iphone or your Android compatible smartphone. Set up your OnPage ID in the app once it's download and then sign up for service here.  You will be billed by PagersDirect on a Monthly, 3-Month or 12-Month Prepaid Basis.

Orders placed online for the base version will be activated the same day if placed between the hours of 10am and 6pm eastern time Monday - Friday not including holidays, If activating the Silver Edition Upgraded version, please allow up to 2 business days for activation including your online web module.

(Please note that we do not supply the phone, just the service to the app.)


OnPage Corp requires PagersDirect to provide a 30 day written advance notice before canceling service.  Therefore, we require 2 months Prepaid Service applied to your first and last month of service in advance on a Monthly Plan and auto invoicing will start one month early on 3-Month and 12 Month Plans with one month of prepaid service applied to your last month in advance.  If you sign up for service and cancel with PagersDirect (via emailed request) within 5 business days of sign up, PagersDirect will issue a refund of purchase less a $10 non-refundable cancellation fee which helps cover our cost of services provided.

OnPage and it's trademarks are used by permission and license by OnPage Corporation.