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Return and Exchange Policies

Return and Exchange Policies 


Customer Satisfaction

It is our goal to provide our customers with total satisfaction before, during and after the ordering process.


Before you order, We invite you to shop, compare and ask questions. Do not hesitate to contact us via our toll free customer care phone number or e-mail us with your questions, We want to help you make the most educated choice when selecting your wireless product or service.


During the ordering process, We aim to please. Let us know if you need a special shipping method or if you have had a previous problem with signal reception in your area. Information that you provide can help us recommend the best frequencies and service features for your particular location and wireless needs.


After the sale is extremely important to us. Let us know immediately if you are having any problem with reception of your pages or if a product is not meeting your expectations. We can make many adjustments over the phone regarding coverage areas, voicemail options, alpha numeric options, etc. If your pager is not functioning properly at any time during your service with PagersDirect, it may be covered under our Maintenance program or loss/theft/damage protection plans.


Exchange Policy

Time Allowed: During the first 60 days after receipt of your new pager, You may exchange it for another pager and receive full credit of your purchase price towards the new pager (less shipping fees and any airtime used) as long as the pager to be exchanged is in like new condition complete with instructions and packaging. 

If any item is missing, broken or scratched, a return/exchange fee may apply.


Refund / Cancellation Policies

Refunds may be issued within the first 30 days of payment. If a request is made to cancel paging service after 30 days of payment date, no refunds will be issued. Refunds will be processed using the same form of payment used for the original purchase.  In the event of a product return, item must be received by us in the same condition as it was sent.  If any item is missing, broken or scratched, a return/exchange fee may apply.


Due to the nature of our prepaid paging offers which include substantial discounts for the prepayment of semi annual, annual and biennial payments we are unable to issue refunds for unused service, however, we are able to credit your account for paging service for the future reconnect of your pager.  This credit may be applied anytime within 12 months of your disconnect request and is transferable in the event you sell or give your pager to another individual.

If you pager should malfunction and no longer receives pages, please contact us immediately. We are unable to credit your account for service if you do not notify us first and request service be suspended during the time you are waiting for a replacement pager.


Return Policy

We offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all orders placed on-line through our website.

During the first 30 days after receipt of your new pager, We will honor a refund request for the purchase price (not including shipping fees) less a 15% restocking fee* under the following circumstances:

Item specified in order was not the pager received and a replacement pager would not be practical.

Item did not work properly and We could not rectify the problem.

Extenuating Circumstances that would create a hardship for our customer.

Refunds will be processed using the same form of payment used for the original purchase

Returns must be sent to the following address within 30 days of orginal receipt:

Pager Returns

Po box 1089

Vineland, NJ 08362


Maintenance Plan

Our pager service includes at no additional charge a maintenance plan.

If a pager ordered through our website malfunctions that is on a current (not past due or disconnected) account, We will send a replacement pager via first class mail along with a self-addressed postage paid return envelope for the return of the malfunctioning pager.

For the purposes of this service, We define a malfunctioning pager as a pager in good condition with no physical defects that was not dropped, lost, stolen, liquid damaged or otherwise physically abused that may have caused the malfunction. 

If the pager was working fine and then stops receiving pages, We will consider this a malfunction covered by our maintenance plan.  We reserve the right to charge the full replacement price if after receiving the malfunctioning pager determines that the pager was abused and/or liquid damaged or otherwise not covered by our maintenance plan.

Broken housings, cracked LCD displays, missing buttons as well as other physical damage are not covered under our Maintenance plan.

We will ship at the customer's expense via a faster shipping method if customer desires.

*15% restocking fee applies to total of order including service, for example,if returning one of our free pager offers that was purchased with 12 months of service at $143.40, the refund will be in the amount of $121.89 which is the amount of the total sale less 15%.  If additional shipping fees were paid, the shipping will not be refunded.