What is a pager?

A pager is a device that is essentially a small battery operated radio receiver that when the proper signal is received will set off an alert (either audible or vibrating) and display either a numeric message such as a phone number or a word message if the pager is alphanumeric capable.  In the case of in-house paging such as a restaurant, on location pagers offer a quick way to communicate with guests, servers and colleagues when they are ready to be seated or needed.

Pagers reached their peak popularity in the late 1980's through late 1990's.  Around the year 2000, cell phones became smaller with a longer battery life and cell phone plans became less expensive which enabled the average consumer to switch from paging to cellular communication. At the peak of pager popularity, there were well over 60,000,000 pagers in use worldwide.

Today, there are approximately 2,000,000 pagers in use in the United States (not including pager apps and in-house paging).  Pagers have found their niche as a dependable, cost effective way for urgent priority messaging for people that need to be reached. Industries that have found pagers indispensable included Healthcare, I.T., Alarm Applications, Property Maintenance, Landscapers and just about any business that requires quick alerts that rise above and beyond the capabilities of simple text messaging and phone calls. 

Critical Messaging via pager apps and the Zipit Wireless 2-way pager and Zipit Confirm App cater to a niche where money and/or health may be at stake without an urgent dependable way of communicating that is quicker and more dependable than text messaging.