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Busy Signal issues caused by Robocallers

If you are experiencing an issue with busy signals, all clrcuits are busy, dead air or call can't be completed as dialed when calling your pager today, the issue is due to robocallers simultaneouslycalling thousands of numbers and clogging up the trunk phone lines that connect to pagers. 

This is currently affecting pagers in:

American Messaging Network in Wisconsin as of 12/17/20

The only solution at this time is using an overdial number.

An overdial number allows your caller to page you by calling the overdial number first, then entering your 10 digit pager phone number and then the number they would like you to call them back at.

The overdial number for pagers on the Spok network is: 877-654-1474

The overdial number for pagers on the American Messaging network is: 888-247-7243

When this is ocurrs, thousands of customers are affected and you may reach voicemail if you're trying to reach our live customer support. However, please be assured, the paging carriers are aware of the problem and the overdial solution is currently THE ONLY solution until the robocallers stop calling the affected areas.