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Sometimes it takes a bad experience to realize the value of good service.

Our pagers include a maintenance plan at no additional charge. This will replace a malfunctioning pager (not damaged, lost or stolen) with a pager exchange free of charge as long as you retain uninterrupted service for your pager. Uninterrupted service means your pager was not disconnected for any reason.

Every day we get calls from potential customers who are shopping the internet for the best price on pagers with paging service. We are familiar with most of our competitor's offers. $99/year, $107.50/year, $8.95/month... you name it, we've seen the so called deals out there. 

We also get more customers switching from these low rate paging companies because in the long run, when you take into consideration the big picture, it costs more to deal with them.

The reason being is that nuisance fees and out of warranty pager replacements drive up the cost.

Other paging companies make up the difference by charging all kinds of extra fees tacked on to the actual costs. Some of our favorites are printed statement fees, charges to call into customer service on a per call basis and phone payment fees. They are actually charging you to send you a bill, talk to them and take your money. It's almost unbelievable, but sadly it's true.

Bottom Line: PagersDirect offers service after the sale