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Frustrated with Robocalls

Robocalls / Spam phone calls are driving people crazy. They are time wasting and obnoxiously annoying... so what can you do?

Here is one solution that our clients have found to be very useful and here is how to do it:

1. Set your cell phone to only accept calls from "known callers". This means that unless the caller is already set up in your phone as a contact...Your phone won't ring. These calls will be sent directly to voicemail and since most robocallers simply hang up...You won't have too many annoying voice mails to check.

2. So what happens if you are waiting for an important call from someone that isn't in your phone's contact list or perhaps a large company or doctor's office that may call from many different phone numbers?

GIVE THEM YOUR PAGER PHONE NUMBER and instruct the caller to simply type in their number and you will call them back. (you can also record a custom greeting at no extra charge so when your caller pages you, the custom greeting will instruct your caller how to send a page, since most people today under 30 years old have never used a pager).

3. Only give out your pager phone number for urgent important matters and you will eliminate the issue of missing important calls when your phone is set to only accept calls from known callers.

4. If you don't want to carry a separate pager, our virtual paging solution allows you to receive pages on your cell phone either via text or through a pager app.

The distinct alert tone of a pager or pager app will get your attention...more so than the the sound a text message alert makes which has now become virtual background noise due to the constant barrage of texts. Our clients have told us that they have missed important calls that went to voicemail as well as important texts that somehow slipped by and they have come to appreciate their pager phone number as an alternate way for important callers to not only get through, but get their attention in a timely fashion.

Bottom line...Your known callers will get through to you by phone. New callers, not yet in your phone's contact list or calling from an unknown number who are calling regarding something important and/or urgent can page you and even known callers that need to get through to you urgently can page you rather than leave you a voicemail while you are on another call. You will now have an inexpensive "personal hotline" phone number for urgent matters that will stand out above and beyond all other means of communication.

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