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We receive calls everyday from people that first purchase a 1-way numeric or alphanumeric pager on Ebay or Amazon or other source and then ask if we can connect the pager.

Unfortunately, pagers aren't a one size fits all type of product. They need to be on a specific frequency that is operational and that can be connected. Unfortunately, most pagers for sale on the different marketplaces are not on the correct frequency and cannot be reconnected. In other words, you are buying a paperweight or perhaps a prop for a halloween costume.

Before purchasing a pager elsewhere, make sure that the pager is on the flex protocal and on frequency 929.6125mhz. This is the only frequency that we can connect with local coverage when purchased from an outside source. Frequency 929.6625mhz can also be connected but only with nationwide service which runs $20/month more than local service.

Also, before purchasing a pager, be sure to check to make sure there is paging coverage available in your area. Coverage maps are available here.

We discount the pagers we offer and since we are offering them with service, we stand behind our pagers and will exchange a malfunctioning pager. If you purchase your pager from another source, we are unable to offer our maintenance plan and cannot help if the pager malfunctions or is unable to be connected.