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Find a better price online?

Most of our customers are intelligent enough to know that a lower upfront price isn't always a better deal. Some of our competitors offer lower prices for inferior pagers that from our 35+ years of experience, we know have a very high failure rate within the first year, but only offer a 30 or 90 day warranty, then charge you for a replacement pager if it malfunctions or make you wait weeks for a replacement exchange while your service is ticking away.

Some offers don't include a generous messaging allowance, free activation, maintenance plan and amazingly enough some of our competitors don't even list a phone number on their website for customer service and at least two of our competitors charge a fee if you need to call customer service after the initial sale. Even more, many of our online competitors do not list all of their service rates, warranty and replacement policies and costs in the event of a malfunctioning pager.

Unfortunately, some people just look at the price out the door and do not consider what may happen a few months down the road and the costs involved if their pager malfunctions, breaks, is lost, stolen or damaged. Pagers just like any other electronic device sometimes malfunction.

But if you request, we will match an online competitors deal exactly as they offer on their website for the same exact pager and service. Just call us at 1-877-472-4370 ext 1. We will need the website that you are comparing so we can verify the legitimacy of the offer and review to match their deal. As a courtesy, we will help point out some of our competitors "benefits" as well such as...

  • If they only offer a 30 or 90 day warranty.
  • If they don't offer a 30 day refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase..
  • If their only form of contact is via an online form to contact customer service.
  • If they charge for overcalls
  • If they charge more for the upfront cost of the pager.
  • If they charge nuisance fees such as account service fees, late fees, phone payment fees, credit card surcharges, etc.
  • If they don't offer an extra month of service when you order online.
  • If they don't offer 3 additional months of service when you trade in your old pager.
  • If they don't offer a maintenance plan which covers the exchange of a malfunctioning pager including return postage back to the company for as long as you retain service with them (as we normally do).
  • If they don't offer a protection plan that will replace a lost, stolen or broken pager for a reduced cost.
  • If they stop answering the phone after 5pm eastern time (or earlier) which is only 2 in the afternoon on the west coast or have no way of contacting them after hours.

As you can see, PagersDirect offers much more than just a great selection at competitive pricing and if you find a legitimate deal that you think is a better value than PagersDirect offers, we will be happy to match the deal.

Let PagersDirect Evaluate Your Pager Renewal Bill

Have a renewal bill from your current paging company? Email it or Fax it to us and we will see where we can save you money without sacrificing service. Our toll free fax is 1-888-691-6491. On average, we have saved customers that have taken advantage of our billing evaluation an average of 10% to 14% off their previous billing.