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How much are your pagers?  How do I order a pager?  What will my total cost be to get a pager? How does the coverage work?  Will a pager work everywhere? Does the pager come with service?  Can I buy a pager somewhere else and have you activate it?  Can you reconnect my old pager that I had since the 1990's?

Do these questions sound familiar?...We get these questions so much that we put together two videos (one for ordering via a computer and the other for ordering via a smartphone) that addresses all of these questions and then some.

Watch our instructional videos that show you how to navigate our website and how to order a pager from PagersDirect.net using either a desktop computer or a smartphone or tablet.  We have two separate videos.  The ordering from a desktop computer video goes a bit more in depth.

How to order using a smartphone or tablet:

 How to order using a desktop computer or laptop: