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We understand Mobilcom is discontinuing pager service in Western, Pennsylvania. Many of their customers have been contacting us looking for a replacement service.

Below is the coverage map for Spok which is the only national paging carrier offering service in this area. If you need service outside of the blue shaded areas, we have an option.

Virtual Paging. This service is where we ring a pager phone number to your cell phone either via text message or via a pager app. When someone pages you, you will receive your pages directly on your cell phone as either a text or through the app. We offer 2 different paging apps. One is iphone exclusive and is called "pager" and the other works on both iphone and android phones and is called "Zipit Confirm". Details on both can be found by clicking on the Virtual Pager Category located at the top menu on this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the phone number at the top of our website.

Spok Coverage Map for Western PA