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Pager Label

We receive multiple calls every day asking..."Can you reactivate my old pager?" "I have an old pager, can you reconnnect it." "Can I get service for my pager"...

We then ask the caller if they can provide the number on the back of the pager with a decimal point after the third digit... 

Save yourself some time and a phone call and simply look on the back of your 1-way pager...

If you see these FREQUENCY numbers: 929.6125 or 929.6625 or 929.9375

We may be able to reactivate your pager...If you see any other numbers even if the number is off by just one digit or can't locate the frequency number... We will not be able to activate your pager and recommend simply ordering a pager with service from pagersdirect.net with one exception... If you own an Apollo Brand Pager and see a frequency range printed on the back of the pager that looks like 929 - 932 mhz. Your pager may be compatible and we can provide instructions by phone on how to program your pager by hand.

If you have any questions regarding reconnecting your pager... Please call us at 1-877-472-4370 ext 1. Thank you.

The picture above shows what a typical pager label looks like. The frequency number is highlighted: 929.6125 (you will notice that even though there are many numbers on the pager label, the frequency number is the only number with a decimal point after the 3rd digit)

if your pager is on one of the three compatible frequencies listed above, the next step is to identify your pager's capcode.

The capcode is either 7 or 9 digits long and may have a letter just before the 7 or 9 digit number. it will look something like this: E001234567 or A1234567 or 1234567 or E001234567-F1 or just numbers with no letters such as 0333456 

Please note the capcode WILL NOT HAVE letters and numbers intermingled, so if you see a code like: A06QBB5806AA or 36BDCL38DD or LX696FT4002, these are not capcodes

Ok, so now you checked your pager and it's on frequency 929.6125...your pager can be activated with local, regional or full regional coverage but not nationwide coverage. if your pager is on frequency 929.6625, it can be activated with nationwide coverage only. If it's on frequency 929.9375, it can be activated with local, regional or nationwide coverage.

Before you order a pager or reactivate a pager, make sure there is coverage available in your area by clicking here to see the coverage maps.

If your pager is compatible, you have identified the capcode and verified that you are in a covered area and you would like to reconnect....CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE ONLINE.