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Motorola stopped manufacturing their popular consumer pagers over 20 years ago. Since then, paging companies have offered refurbished models. It has come to the point where we have hit the bottom of the well. Supplies of reliable refurbished Motorola pagers that we can guarantee have not been available in sufficient quantity for the past several months and we have removed all but one model (The Motorola Advisor Elite) from our website.

Fortunately, there are still two companies manufacturing pagers today...Apollo and Unication. Unication is the company that licensed Motorola's flex technology and offers some very good quality pager models including The Unication NP88 1-way numeric pager and the Unication Alpha Elite 1-way Alpha Numeric pager which is identical to the Motorola Advisor Elite.

If you are looking for a replacement pager that is similar in size and style to the Motorola LS350, LS550 and BR850 models...We highly recommend the Unication NP88. We have sufficient quantities of the NP88 in-stock for immediate delivery. The NP88 is also a great pager for those of you looking for Motorola's legacy model pagers such as the Bravo, Bravo Plus, Lifestyle Plus, Pronto, Bravo Flex which we haven't sold since the early 2000's.

Apollo offers some of our best selling pagers including the Apollo 202, Apollo 500r, Apollo Signature and the Apollo T2000 and XL2000 1-way numeric pagers.  Apollo pagers are hand programmable which means if we have to change paging frequencies for any reason, the pager can be programmed by hand and does not need to be sent in for reprogramming.

If you have any questions regarding choosing the best pager model for you, please contact us at the phone number at the top of our website. Thank you.