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What you need to know about pager phone numbers:

1. Pager phone numbers are controlled by the paging carriers and are not transportable to cell phones or landline phones and you cannot transfer a cellphone number or landline number to a pager.

2. Pager phone numbers may have to change in the future, unlike cellphone and landline phone numbers, they are not yours to use for life, at some point in the future, we may be notified by the paging carrier that the pager phone number may need to change. Therefore, we do not recommend printing or publishing your pager phone number on anything that can't be easily changed.

3. Pager phone numbers are not transportable from one pager carrier to another. Unlike if you switch from Verizon to AT&T, you can't take your pager phone number with you from Spok to American Messaging.

4. We are unable to pick and choose pager phone numbers. We suggest to our customers that need a vanity phone number or a number with all eights for example, that they contract with a virtual phone number service and call forward the number from that service to the pager phone number. This way, the customer has control of the number and in the event the pager phone number needs to change at some point in the future, the virtual phone number can be redirected to the new pager phone number or even to a cellphone or landline at some point if needed. One virtual phone service that we recommend is grasshopper.com