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Our virtual paging service allows you receive pages on your activated cell phone. You can get paged via text message, email or by pager app.

We currently offer two pager apps that are compatible with our paging services.

The first app is called "pager" and it's from the developer AMC Logic, LTD. This app works exclusively on iphone and you can have the app running on up to 5 iphones at the same time so up to 5 people can be paged simultaneously. This comes in handy if you have a small team on call or who rotate on call duties. In addition to having it's own set of alert tones, the pager app will keep a log of all pages with a time and date stamp. If you use the Apple Watch, notifications can also display on the watch.

The second app we offer is call "Zipit Confirm" This app is from Zipit Wireless and works on both iphone and android phones. In addition to the benefits of the pager app listed above, the Zipit Confirm App also comes with a web module called "Zipit RAP" and allows you to log into a secure web page to see all pages that were sent and received, the time and date they were not only sent or received but the time the message or page was actually read by the user of the smartphone. In additon, you can send messages to all users in your group or just an individual user directly through Zipit Rap.

Another benefit of the Zipit Confirm App is that it can loaded on as many phones as needed and if you have one person on-call at a time, the person on call simply logs into the app and will begin receiving pages while knocking the previous user off the system automatically. This allows you to only need one app subscription even if you have hundreds of users as long as only one person needs to be notified at a time. If you need multiple users to be notified simultaneously, then a separate subscription would be required for each person.

You can sign up for virtual paging directly on our website by clicking on the "virtual paging" category at the top of our website.