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If your physical pager is not receiving or is not working correctly...

The first thing to do is change the battery. Use a fresh alkaline battery as a weak battery is usually the cause of a pager not receiving pages when it was working perfectly the day before.

Batteries should be changed automatically at least once a month regardless if the "low cell" indicator or words appear on the pager display. Changing the battery on the 1st of each month is a good way to remember.

If after changing the battery, you are still not receiving pages...

Click on the "Contact Support" link at the top right corner of our website and advise us that your pager is not receiving, you changed the battery and it's still not receiving and let us know:

1. Your pager phone number

2. The city/state/zipcode that you are having the issue

Sometimes a reset on our end is all that is needed. This is the equivalent of rebooting a computer that isn't acting right.

If the pager was dropped or got wet, it may have internal damage. If after changing the battery, the pager is not powering up, this could mean that the pager needs to be replaced.

If the pager has missing segments in the LCD display, but there are no blotches of "black" or what appears to be "ink" then the pager will need to be replaced and depending on the exact issue, may be covered under our maintenance exchange plan at no charge.

If the pager is shutting off and then restarting also known as power cycling, the pager will need to be exchanged or replaced. If the pager is making the sound that you normally hear when turning on the pager and then shutting off and then doing it again either through no action on your part or when a page is received, this is "power cycling" and in most cases a replacement battery will not resolve the issue unless the previous battery was so weak that the pager didn't have enough power to stay on.

If you are having an issue with your VIRTUAL PAGING SERVICE where the pager phone number is ringing to either a cell phone as a text message, an email address or via a pager app...

Click on the "Contact Support" link at the top right corner of our website and advise us that your VIRTUAL PAGER is not receiving. We will need to know the following information:

1. Your pager phone number including area code

2. Your cell phone number including area code

3. Your cell phone service provider such as AT&T, Verizon, etc.

4. The make and model of your phone such as Apple Iphone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S9

5. If you are using the iphone pager app, we will need to know the app number which can be found by clicking on the menu bars at the top left corner of the app and the about half-way down the menu, click on "change pager number"...DO NOT CHANGE THE NUMBER THAT DISPLAYS ON THIS SCREEN, simply let us know the number that is displayed.

6. If your virtual pager phone number rings to an email address, first make sure the pages are not ending up in your spam/junk email folder, and then let us know the email address that you should be receiving your pages.