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Have an iphone?

There is a pager app that works great with our virtual paging service. It's simply called "pager"and it's from AMC Logic, LTD.

Download the pager app found in the Apple App Store. (the PagerApp subscription fee will be billed by us at a substantial discount on your pager bill)

It functions as a pager on your iphone. Selectable alerts with repeat feature and it keeps a history of your pages.

Setting up your pager app for the first time is easy...
1. Once the pager app is on your phone, set up a login using your email address and an 8 character password which must consist of one capitalized letter, some numbers and a character such as a $ sign. Example: Karen69$
2. Click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top left corner and a menu will open up. Choose "change pager number" and it will display the current pager app pin number. This is not the pager phone number that people will dial from a phone, but simply an internal pin number that we will use to link your actual pager phone number to your specific pager app.
3. When you sign in using the same email address and password on the other iphones, Your pager app pin number will automatically be in the app. You may also be logged into the same pager app on up to 5 iphones at the same time.
4. Sign up for virtual paging service via our website and choose the pager app for your virtual pager destination.
If you have any difficulty, please contact us by phone or use the contact support link located in the top right corner of our website.