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Customer Service

PagersDirect Customer Service policy provides our customers with honest and knowledgable Customer Service Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm eastern time. After hours and weekend support is available via our online contact support link located at the top of this page as well as in the last paragraph in this section.

If you are tired, frustrated and dissatisfied dealing with large corporations, scripted greetings, being placed on hold for what seems like an eternity and never getting the same customer service assistant each time you call, you will appreciate the personal touch offered by PagersDirect. If you reach PagersDirect after hours or during high volume periods, you will be given the opportunity to leave a message and a PagersDirect Customer Care Associate will return your call promptly during regular business hours.

PagersDirect is well aware that many of our customers will shop online and visit many pager dealer's websites, it will be clear that PagersDirect offers the best selection, longest customer service hours and most liberal exchange, return and maintenance policies. Customers that choose PagersDirect as their paging service provider aren't just concerned about getting the best price, they value service after the sale as much as service during the sale. 

We want you to feel free to contact us anytime...

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PagersDirect Low Price Policy

PagersDirect strives to offer the best prices possible while not compromising customer service or product quality. If you find a better deal, let us know and we will see what we can do to match or beat it. When comparing price, we will also compare features as many of our competitors charge extra for services and features that we include at no charge or do not offer some of our benefits at all.

PagersDirect offers local pager service in most areas of the USA

As authorized resellers of the nations leading paging carriers, we can offer local, regional or nationwide coverage in over 90% of the United States. We can also offer 800/888/877/866 toll free numbers, voicemail, extended range and many other options customized for your pager.

PagersDirect Loss/Theft/Damage protection

Our Superior Service includes Loss/Theft/Damage protection which replaces your pager for a small deductible.

PagersDirect Maintenance Plan (service after the sale)

If it's one feature that sets PagersDirect apart from the rest...It's the PagersDirect Maintenance Plan. If your pager should ever malfunction through no fault of your own (meaning not due to loss/theft/physical and/or cosmetic damage) PagersDirect will repair or replace your pager at no charge. This is for as long as you retain uninterrupted service with PagersDirect and your account remains current. If the pager you currently have malfunctions and is no longer available, we will replace your pager with a current model with equivalent features (small upgrade fee may apply).

We can't tell you the number of calls we get from customers of other paging companies that have nightmare stories about their pagers failing as little as 3 months into their one year of service and not being able to get a replacement pager in a timely manner. Don't find out the hard way that another paging company can't help you during the service term. 

The PagersDirect Maintenance plan is included at no additional charge for customers on all current rate plans listed on the directpage.com website except for the low use plan. Customers on rate plans other those listed on the PagersDirect website (such as rate plans that we inherited from paging companies that we acquired) may add maintenance for an additional $2.00/month or switch to a current PagersDirect rate plan.

PagersDirect Volume Purchase Discount Program

Businesses, Colleges, Medical School Classes including Physician Assistant Programs in hospital rotations nationwide are enjoying substantial discounts as a result of this program.

If your business, class or organization is in the market for a large quantity of pagers, PagersDirect will customize a program for you with special rates, you will be assigned a personal assistant for help not only with your order but ongoing customer support and even custom web pages designed for easy account changes such as ordering replacement pagers, swapping pagers and customer service. 

Bulk discounts apply to orders starting at just 2 pagers.


Any company can offer low prices and promise the world just to make a sale, but how many of their customers are actually satisfied with the service they received?

PagersDirect can provide numerous references of satisfied individuals, companies, and colleges that have purchased thousands of dollars worth of pagers and services from PagersDirect . Organizations that have become loyal repeat customers year after year that switched to PagersDirect because they were dissatisfied with their previous paging provider. We have satisfied customers in most every state from individuals and small mom & pop shops all the way up to fortune 500 companies that are recognized worldwide.


PagersDirect offers one of the largest pager selections available. PagersDirect evaluates each pager offered for reliability and features. If a specific pager model has a known issue such as a design flaw or reliability issue, PagersDirect will not offer it. We keep sufficient supplies of all pagers featured to assure timely order fulfillment. As authorized resellers of the nations largest paging carriers, PagersDirect can offer you the widest choice of service options available from one convenient source.

PagersDirect Online Ordering Bonus

PagersDirect offers an extra month of service with many of our pagers when ordered with annual service. Take advantage of our easy to order and secure online ordering system. It's quick and safe and the extra month of service will also include any service options that you have added to your service plan.

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