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If you have a smartwatch connected to your activated smart phone, you already have a pager and just didn't know it! Sign up for our virtual paging service and you will be able to receive pages anywhere you have service on your phone regardless if it's over cellular or wi-fi networks.

If you have an Apple Iphone, we suggest downloading the "pager" app from AMC Logic, LTD and signing up for our annual virtual paging service. The pager app will notify you of pages via your iphone as well as your apple watch and works on all current Apple Watch models as well as Iphone 6 and above including all future model iphones. We offer the Pager app subscription for just $4.92/year in addition to our annual subscription to virtual paging service so for just $160.32 total including the pager app subscription, you will be all set to receive paged messages.

If you have an android phone, our virtual paging service ringing to your phone as a text message will work as well as with some other popular messaging apps such as Signl4 and the Zipit Confirm App.

Ok, so now you may be wondering why you would want a pager phone number separate from your cell phone connected to your cell phone. The answer is urgency and privacy. If you are using the newest feature on your smartphone that allows calls only from "known callers" to block our robocalls and phone spam, you may miss important calls from important people, businesses or doctor's offices that you deal with as many have multiple phone lines that you may not have registered in your phone's contact list. Having a separate pager phone number will not block those callers and a pager phone number is not susceptible to spam or robocalls the same way voice phone numbers are. In addition, the alert that a pager app makes can stand out above and beyond the normal text and social media alerts your phone makes all day long and will be more apt to get your attention. Having these notifications on your smartwatch is like having a pager attached to your wrist and can be very convenient.

If you instruct only those callers that you give your pager phone number to only call your pager number in the event of an urgent matter, your pager won't be going off all day for lame reasons and when you do get a page, you know it is most likely important and you can end the current phone call that you may be on, that may not be quite as important. URGENCY and PRIVACY are the key reasons to have a pager phone number separate from your cell phone number.

If you have any questions, give us a shout by calling the phone number at the top of our website or clicking on the "contact support" link or text us on our website.

Pager App on Apple Watch

The Pager App Notification on the Apple Watch