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When you sign up for a pager with paging service or one of our virtual paging services, you will initially pay for a prepaid service term.  Usually 3, 12 or 24 months.  

About 1 month before the prepaid service term is up, you will receive a renewal bill for the next service term.  If you initially chose a 3 month plan, you will receive a renewal bill for another 3 months, if you chose a 12 month plan, you will receive a renewal bill for another 12 months and the same goes for a 24 month plan. 

We have 2 billing options.  Our most popular is an e-mailed credit / debit card invoice with auto-pay option.  This is a bill you will receive via email that with just one click you can pay with your debit/credit card and if you desire, set your card up for automatic payments so you do not need to remember to pay going forward. Other than your card expiring and needing to update the card info, you can pretty much set it and forget it.

The 2nd option is a printed bill.  For an additional charge of $1.20 per billing cycle, we will mail you a printed bill including a return payment envelope and you may choose to send us a check/money order, or make a payment via our website payment link using your credit/debit card.

We also have a legacy e-bill option that was previously available and some of our older accounts are still billed this way.  An e-bill is sent with an online payment link and at the link, our customer can enter their account number and select how much they would like to pay.  Our new e-bill system already has the amount pre-populated so it alleviates this extra step.

Please note that with our legacy e-billing system and printed bills we may bill up to 4 months ahead of time to allow more time for changes to be made as well as delays with the mail.  We primarily bill ahead of time with 12 and 24 month prepaid billing cycles as well as to business accounts that may need more time for department payment approvals.

Should you want to make changes in your payment interval, for example go from a quarterly prepaid billing cycle to an 12-month or 24-month billing cycle, simply email us and tell us the billing cycle change you desire and we will make the change on our end.

If you need to cancel or add or delete service options, email us the changes you would like as well.  Please mention your account number and/or pager phone number and the name your account is registered to so that we access the correct account.

In the event a bill is not paid by the due date, we send emailed reminders to customers that are set up for e-mailed invoicing.  We send printed reminders to customers set up with printed billing or e-billing.  If payment is still not received within 10 days of the billing due date, service will auto-suspend on the 10th day past the due date unless prior payment arrangements have been made.  Please note we are willing to work with you as long as we have a reasonable and finite payment arrangement noted on your account.