A list of 12 things a pager or pager app can do or do better than a phone by itself...

1.  A pager can last a month powered on 24 hours per day on a single AA or AAA alkaline battery.  When the battery dies, it takes 5 seconds to replace it and be back up and running.

2.  A pager doesn't emit any potentially harmful radiation as it is a receiver only.

3.  A pager usually doesn't alert when called by spam and robocallers unless voicemail is activated.

4.  A pager can be used only for urgent / important alerts if desired.

5.  A pager can be used in secured environments where cell phones are not permitted such as prisons, government buildings, high security areas, etc.

6.  A pager is relatively inexpensive to replace when lost or damaged

7. A pager can be used when privacy and discreteness are imperative.

8.  A pager isn't constantly paging from social media, texts, apps and phone calls.  It doesn't become background noise as a smartphone can.

9.  A pager can be passed around to the on-call person very easily so that only one phone number is issued. Likewise, a group of pagers can be programmed to all page at the same time in the event a group or team needs to be alerted simultaneously.

10. A pager can function at times of emergencies when phone networks may not be available.  This has proven to be extremely valuable during natural disasters when cellphone networks may ring all circuits are busy.  Also, if a cellphone network fails such as the recent AT&T outage, pagers continue to function and can be used for urgent messages if the phone is not available.

11.  Privacy...A pager can't be tracked like a cellphone.  No GPS, No triangulation. We also offer secure encrypted pagers so if you have an issue with your cellphone being hacked and someone intercepting your calls and texts...We have the solution.

12.  Escalation...Suppose you have an on-call team that covers after hours support.  A page can be sent to the first team member and if they don't respond within a specific period of time...let's say 10 minutes, a page can automatically go to the 2nd person on the list, then a 3rd person and so on.  This can be accomplished using one of our pager apps called the Zipit Confirm App.
March 28, 2024 — Jack Uniglicht

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