Do you need a pager?

Sounds like a very simple question...Do you NEED a pager?

We sell pagers and let us be the first to tell you that most people don't need a pager, and even more people don't want a pager. We know this. Most people think that pagers don't even exist anymore. We know this too.

Do we care? Not at all. Do you know why? If you don't have an urgent need, if you aren't important enough that others need to get in touch with you regarding critical urgent time is of the essence reasons, then not only will you not need or want a pager, you therefore wouldn't have any reason to pay the recurring pager service. As low as the cost, it's an unnecessary expense for most people.

Now that we have established this, let us tell you that we aren't interested in selling pagers to people that don't need them or don't want them. We aren't solving a need for these people. They don't have a need to be notified of an urgent situation. In fact they can most likely wait to check a message or get back to someone that left a voicemail 3 days ago or text them last week because they have nothing to gain and nothing to lose if they don't get back to an urgent call. They have no urgent calls. They have nothing so important that can't wait.

We are interested in offering pagers and paging services to people that can actually put them to use to help them with their urgent wireless communication needs. A way for them to be notified of urgent matters in addition to their cellphone. An alert that can get their attention and they know it's important.

What type of person NEEDS a pager?

Mostly people that serve other people with serious needs and serious issues. Doctors are the first that come to mind. Healthcare related occupations serve others that have urgent needs. Business executives may have urgent requests that need immediate responses. Real estate agents, managers, maintenance people may have time is of the essence issues that need immediate attention.

Then there are the less obvious. Perhaps people that work in environments that do not allow cellphones due to security issues, they need a way to be contacted for urgent issues. Perhaps a mom or dad that wants a way for their children to get in touch if they are in trouble and the parent's phone is not available or they are on an important call but their child's needs are even more urgent.

Celebrities are bombarded with calls, texts and social media alerts to the point where it all becomes background noise, can you imagine having over a million fans, friends, followers but when their manager can't get through for an urgent issue, a pager can be the difference between a lost offer or a million dollar contract.

A conveyor system at a factory breaks down, every minute that conveyor isn't moving or a server goes down in a corporate environment, every minute that server is no longer functioning is costing each of these businesses thousands of dollars in lost productivity...these are reasons why critical urgent communication is extremely important. Paging notifications for automated communication, I.T. and building automation systems are not only a desire but a necessity.

More recently, a solution for important calls to come through while avoiding robocalls and spam calls. The quick solution is to set your cellphone to accept calls from known callers only. These are the contacts stored in your phone. But what if someone needs to get in touch with you that isn't stored in your phone? An emergency call from a hospital or doctor's office are two examples where a call may be directed to voicemail when it could go to a pager for immediate notification.

Health and Safety concerns regarding EMF radiation from cell phones is another more recent concern. Cancer cases have skyrocketed over the last decade. Could it just be a coincidence that more people are holding cellphones closer to their bodies and their heads and more people have cancer and tumors? Sure, but there are a growing number of studies that show other evidence.

There are many niche situations where a pager can cut through the clutter and get an alert or message to the person that can make the difference, solve the problem or save a life. So if you are important to someone or some entity, some organization or a person or family in need. Then you may be the one that needs a pager and you are the one that we would like to help solve your wireless communication needs.
March 23, 2024 — Jack Uniglicht

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