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Hypercare Pager App

Starting at:

Starting price: $29.95 paid monthly. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

The Hypercare Pager App offers one of the most robust offerings of all of the pager apps that PagersDirect offers.

Features of the Hypercare App:

  • Local Pager phone number included
  • Pager phone number is capable of receiving texts from cell phones but cannot reply so it will function as a 1-way pager that can receive texts.
  • Hypercare apps within the same organization can text back and forth within the app.
  • Voicemail included with no message hold time restrictions like traditional pagers
  • Secure HIPPA compliant
  • Send and Receive images, PDF, Word, Excel files from other Hypercare Apps within your organization.
  • Templated messages:  Standardized messages with predefined inputs and a distinct look
  • Urgent Notifications will bypass "do not disturb" and Vibrate settings on both iphone and android phones with a distinctive alert tone 
  • Voicemails will be received in attachment form within the app so you can actually listen to voicemails directly in the app without needing to call in from a phone
  • On-Call Scheduling is available for multiple users to be alerted only when they are on call
  • Group / Team alert for multiple users to be alerted simultaneously
  • Automatic escalations allows one user to be alerted and if they do not respond within a time frame that you set, the next user in-line will be alerted
  • Multiple team members can be logged in at the same time.  Team members not on call can shut off notifications and only the team member on call will be alerted allowing one app subscription for multiple team members (great cost savings if each individual team member does not need their own individual pager phone number and voicemail box.
  • Toll Free 24 hour customer support is available for help with the Hypercare App

The Hypercare app takes 2 business days to provision.  After you place your order, please download the Hypercare app to your smartphone.  You will receive an email within 2 business days with your login information and pager phone number.

Please contact PagersDirect with any questions before ordering.