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3 month Prepaid Numeric Pager Service Order Form

Starting At

Starting price: $57.85. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

3 month Pre-Paid One Way Numeric @ $15.95/month + $10.00 Activation Fee = $57.85

If you own a 1-way Numeric pager from another paging service that has been disconnected...We may be able to reconnect it.

The pager must be functional and on one of the following frequencies:

929.6125 (local, regional or full regional coverage option must be selected, we are unable to activate 929.6125 with nationwide coverage)

929.6625 (nationwide coverage option must be selected. We are unable to activate 929.6625 with local coverage) This order form is set up for annual service reconnection. If you would like to just pay on a quarterly rate plan, please choose our quarterly reconnect form.

929.9375 This is the American Messaging frequency that can be activated with either local, regional, full regional or nationwide coverage. We can only reactivate this frequency if it was orginally activated with us or if your previous paging provider has gone out of business or has released your pager to us.

If your pager is not on frequency 929.6125, 929.6625 or 929.9375 we will not be able to reconnect it. Please consider our pager trade in program available with any of our annual pager service deals.