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PagersDirect 24 Hour Live Operator Answering Service

Starting At

Choose the plan that you think will best fit your needs. PagersDirect will monitor your call volume and advise you if changes will be needed as call volume is established. You will never be charged for wrong numbers / hoax and robocalls. If you go over your alloted messages, we will notify you so that you can move up to the next tiered plan if required.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year...Operators will take your callers Name, Return Phone number and Message and at your discretion...email it to you, text it to you, send it to your alphanumeric message or Pager app.

After selecting the base plan, please checkout and pay online. You will be charged the first and last month of your service in advance at time of order. 

Our tiered plans are listed below:

Emergency Plan: $49.95/month includes up to 25 calls per month via toll free phone number. This is designed for specific low use applications such as an alarm activation, elevator breaking down after hours, emergencies during holidays, after hours or other low call volume events not likely to occur regularly.

Low Use Plan: $99.95/month includes up to 50 calls per month via toll free phone number. This is our plan for low usage. It will cover you for the occasional call and is a good fit between our emergency and Standard plans.

Standard Plan: $199.95/month includes up to 100 calls per month via toll free phone number. This is our most popular plan and will cover you for your regular after hours, emergency and call overflow needs.

Customized plans for larger call volumes in excess of 100 calls per month also available. Contact PagersDirect Answering Service Assistance for your specific needs at 1-877-472-4370 ext 740

Please enter on the order form below:

  • Choose Your Plan (plan can be changed as your business needs change)
  • Your Answer Phrase (this is how the live operator will greet your callers)
  • Your contact list (list the names or departments that will need to be contacted. List up to 2. 

The information above will help us set up and prioritize the following information once we contact you:

  1. Contact phone numbers
  2. Cell phone numbers
  3. Name of cell phone carrier(s)
  4. Pager phone number(s) and paging carrier(s) if not using PagersDirect as your paging provider 
  5. Priority of messages and privacy times if needed.

Changes to any of the above can be made the same day if PagersDirect receives notice by 1pm eastern time Monday through Friday. The more accurate your initial set up is, the more precise your answering service will be.

Most orders received by 1pm eastern time Monday through Friday will be setup the same day and be ready for calls on or before 5pm eastern time. Accounts with large call criteria may take longer to establish. Orders received after 1pm eastern time will be activated the next business day.