Some customers have reported issues with the popular Apollo AP700 (on premises pager) pager screen blanking out.  These pagers are commonly used for nurse call systems / healthcare / nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Removing the battery and reinserting it may solve the issue temporarily only to find the display blanking out again.

The odd part is that this issue is location dependent.  While Apollo has attempted to find the cause and why it only happens in certain locations, they have not come up with a definitive cause or a resolution for that matter.  

This issue started happening with AP700 pagers produced during and after July 2023.  AP700's produced prior to July 2023 do not have this issue. 

Update:  Apollo has revised the display in the AP700 and a batch of these pagers is currently being tested in buildings where the display issue has previously occurred.   If these newly revised pagers are found to be fully functional, we expect to have the revised display version available in March 2024.

Update #2:  The revised Apollo AP700 2024 edition has proven to be a success and is working in facilities that had previously reported the screen blanking issue with the previous version of the pager.  We will have the new version in stock on or about March 12, 2024.  We will have the 2024 version designated on our website so you will know for sure that you are getting the latest version. 

If your location is not having the screen blanking issue, there is no need for concern but if your location is encountering the is what can you do...

We have two hand programmable pagers that are working fine and do not have the display issue.

The first pager is the PA780 hand programmable pager.  Click Here for the PA780 ordering page.

If you like the Apollo AP700 and want a similar pager, the newer Apollo AP900 pager has the same sharp and bright display as the AP700 but without the issues.  Click here for the AP900 ordering page.

In addition to these pagers, we also offer the Unication Alpha Legend Secure.  This pager is a very well built pager but does require a programming cradle that connects to a computer for the programming and is not hand programmable like the other models that we offer.

Apollo pagers carry a 12 month warranty.  If you purchased your pagers from PagersDirect, we will exchange for full credit towards a different model.  If you purchased your AP700's from a different supplier, please contact them for their return exchange policy.

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