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Apollo 202 Brand New 1-Way Numeric Pager

Pager with Service starting at

Starting price: $89.80. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

The following pager / service packages are available for this product:

3 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @15.95/month + $41.95 pager cost = $89.80
12 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @14.95/month - $179.40 + FREE pager
24 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @13.95/month - $334.80 + FREE pager

The Apollo 202 1-way pager is a Brand New compact numeric pager with a rugged side-read design that we recommend if you are looking for a pager similar to the Motorola LS750 pager.

Features include:

A holographically-enhanced LCD that is approximately twice as large as a compact top-read pager (such as the T2000 / TPlus)

A dedicated row of status icons to instantly confirm settings such as alert type and reception without navigating complicated menus

Hand programming mode for changing capcodes and other basic settings directly from the pager, simplifying redeployment or reassignment without external programming equipment

Canned alphanumeric messaging, adding 40 short, preprogrammed phrases (each triggered by a 2-digit phrase number when paging)

Power from a single AAA battery

Beep Alert (4 beep, 10 melody)

Vibrating alert

26 total memory slots for incoming and saved messages; selective message lock / delete; unread message indicator; duplicate message indicator; message full indicator; unread message reminder; message error indicator

Month, Date, Year, Time display; 3 daily alarm sets

Package Contents:

Pager; holster with belt clip; 1 x AAA alkaline battery