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Replacement or spare PagersDirect pager

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Ordering a replacement or spare PagersDirect pager is easy when you use this handy online order form. Just select the pager model that you would like Then tell us your existing PagersDirect Pager phone number

Let us know your pager color preference, PagersDirect will send Black if your color choice is not available or if no color choice is selected. Not all colors listed are available for all pager models. To view available colors for a specific pager, please visit our new pager sale categories.

Finally, let us know how you would like us to program your new pager.

If this pager will be a replacement for a lost or stolen pager, please select "program with a new capcode" If you would like your spare pager cloned to your existing pager, please select "program with only a group capcode (cloned pager)" and if you would like your pager cloned to an existing pager and also have the capability to have it's own inpidual pager phone number, select "program with both a group and inpidual capcode".

There is a $5 additional programming fee to have a pager cloned and/or progammed with multiple capcodes. If special programming is required, we may need to special order your pagers and this may delay shipment by up to one week from order date.

(more information on group/cloned pagers below) You also have the option of ordering a pager lanyard. A pager lanyard is the small cord that attaches to your belt loop and connects to your pager. In the event your pager falls off your belt, it will hang by the lanyard and hopefully prevent another loss or damage. Some of our customers consider a lanyard a $5 insurance policy against loss.

Helpful information:

A capcode is the 7 or 9 digit number that is unique to your pager. It identifies your pager when a page is sent and associates your pager phone number to your pager.

Cloning also known as Group Pagers means that each pager in the group has the exact same capcode programmed into each pager. If a pager has the same capcode as another pager it will alert at exactly the same time as all other pagers that are in the group when a page is sent. Unless a cloned pager has a 2nd inpidual capcode, it will not be able to be alerted independently of the other group pagers. This feature is useful if you need to alert more than one person about a situation. For example, if 30 members of an emergency response team needed to be alerted of an emergency, all 30 cloned pagers would beep exactly at the same time when just one page is sent.

If a pager has both a group capcode and it's own inpidual capcode...When programmed with two pager phone numbers the pager can be alerted as part of group or just on it's own. Please note that there is an additional fee for having two pager phone numbers if this option is utilized.

Please note that PagersDirect only recommends cloning a pager if you are certain that you want your pagers to alert at the same time, this option is not recommended for replacement of lost or stolen pagers.

For our customers' security and privacy...PagersDirect will only sell replacement and spare pagers to the original customer account holder registered with PagersDirect