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Pager Label


The picture above shows what a typical pager label looks like.   The frequency number is highlighted:  929.6125  (you will notice that even though there are many numbers on the pager label, the frequency number is the only number with a decimal point after the 3rd digit)

If you have an old 1-way pager that was previously connected through one of the following paging carriers and programmed on one of the listed frequencies:

  1. Weblink Wireless (frequency: 929.6625) This frequency is only available to be activated with nationwide coverage
  2. Pagemart (frequency: 929.6625) This frequency is only available to be activated with nationwide coverage
  3. Arch Wireless/Pagenet (frequency 929.6125)

We may be able to reconnect it for you.

Please note: If your numeric or alpha-numeric pager is not on one of the frequencies listed above or if you cannot identify the frequency, we will not be able to reactivate your pager and recommend our pager trade in offer available when you prepay 12 or 24 months of paging service.

If your pager was previously connected through any other paging carrier or frequency that is not listed above such as Smartbeep, Skytel, Verizon, etc...We will not be able to reconnect your pager and invite you to order a pager with service via our website. 

1) Pager Model:

Most Motorola pagers do not have the model name listed on the pager.

Let us know if the pager is a numeric or alpha numeric (capable of receiving emailed word messages).

2) Your pager's capcode:

The capcode will look something like this:  E001234567 or A1234567 or 1234567 or E001234567-F1 or just numbers with no letters such as 0333456 

Please note the capcode WILL NOT HAVE letters and numbers intermingled, so if you see a code like: A06QBB5806AA or 36BDCL38DD or LX696FT4002, these are not capcodes

3)  Pager frequency:  (For reference, the pager's frequency will look something like this:  929.6125mhz or 929.6625mhz) Note that the frequency number has 3 digits then a decimal point and then 4 more digits and sometimes followed by the letters MHZ (megahertz)  As mentioned above, PagersDirect is only able to reconnect frequencies: 929.6125 and 929.6625, if the frequency listed on the back of your pager is not one of these 2 frequencies...STOP, we cannot reactivate your pager.   Save time and order a pager at and use your old pager as a trade in to get 3 additional months of service free with any of our annual 1way numeric or alpha numeric service plans.

If you are not sure which paging carrier your pager was previously connected with, here are some pointers:

Many local paging shops as well as internet pager dealers may have their own logos or names printed on the pagers and may have even sent you bills, but most are actually using a major paging carrier paging system such as Spok, so if your pager has a logo from a different beeper retailer, it may still be able to be activated through us as long as the actual paging carrier was one of the carriers mentioned at the top of this page.

The capcode and frequency numbers are normally located on the back of your pager.  Sometimes a pager has been recased or reprogrammed with a different pager capcode and/or frequency than what it listed on the pager.  If this is the case, we may not be able to reactivate the pager without knowing the actual pager information.

Before you order or reactivate a pager, make sure there is coverage available in your area by clicking on the coverage map link located at the bottom of our website under the information header.

If your pager is compatible and you would like to reconnect....CLICK HERE.