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LRS Cell Phone Paging Transmitter - T7460 Freedom for both Server & Guest Pagers

Starting At
$588.00 $599.95

In-House Pager Transmitter, LRS TX-7470 transmitter allows you to communicate to both LRS Staff pagers and LRS Customer Pagers.

The network enabled version allows you to connect to a server or individual workstation and send messages directly from your computer. (monthly service fee required)

Suppose you have an office with 20 employees. You can provide each employee with an LRS E-467 4-line alphanumeric staff pager and send word messages to each employee individually or as a group within your office.

Think of the possibilities... Do you have a security team or emergency response team in your building and need to silently advise them of a threatening situation?. This can be done quickly with a group page using the network enabled Freedom Transmitter.