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LRS Paging System Signal Repeater

Starting At
$488.00 $599.95


  • UHF frequency (420 – 470 MHz)
  • Synthesized frequency and modulation
  • Requires 1 DB-9 serial port
  • Complete software control
  • 3 LED status indicators
  • Supports up to 9,999 pagers
  • Operates on 110V or 220V
  • All commands are sent via ASCII text
  • Overall size: 4″ x 8″ x 1″
  • Operating frequency: 420-470 MHz
Distance covered will be approximately 100 yards (size of football field) Coverage may vary depending if area is one open space or has rooms, dividers, walls that my block the signal.
BENEFITS: Increases paging range indefinitely for LRS Transmitters Small and lightweight for easy installation Transmit and Receive LED's allow for easy testing Long Range Systems has the unique capability of extending the range of our paging system transmitters through the use of repeaters. This allows us to repeat the signal indefinitely giving LRS the best range in the industry.
The repeater is installed within range of the existing paging system transmitter signal. Whenever a paging transmission is sent from the original transmitter, the repeater receives that signal and sends it out again. This increases signal coverage and ensures paging signals are received in your desired area.