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PA780 Alphanumeric Pager

Sale Price
$139.95 $199.95

The PA780 compact alphanumeric pager is the perfect replacement for the discontinued Apollo 924. It is similar in size and shape and has all the functionality of its predecessor and is fully compatible with paging systems that support the Apollo 924. It has a full-size backlit LCD screen in a compact package. Although it is about 25% smaller than standard sized 4-line alpha pagers, the screen size is very comparable. It performs all of the same functions as the larger pagers.

The PA780 Pager has been carefully designed to meet the stringent specifications and requirements of the medical and health care communities. These pagers are in high demand by hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical institutions. The PA780 alphanumeric pager comes with a backlit LCD screen to allow viewing in the dark. This is a compact size pager built around a standard-size alphanumeric display. It is designed to be conveniently portable, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of use in a health care environment. The PA780 alphanumeric pager is smaller than standard-sized 4-line alpha pagers, yet it has all of the same functions and readability. The PA780 Pager uses the same type of menus as the Apollo 924 making it a comfortable replacement in size, features, functionality, and ease of use. This is an extremely important feature when the pager is used as a facility-to-patient communications device, since many patients are not familiar with pager usage.

The PA780 Pager has a zoom feature as well as 32 message capacity. It can be easily hand-programmed, allowing hospital personnel to quickly modify many of the settings as needed. The 780 has time and date display and multiple beep alerts, vibration and sleep mode functions. It can be used for up to two months between battery replacements.

These pagers are fully compatible with your existing paging system currently in use at your hospital or medical institution. Being that it can handle the rigors of hospital use, rest assured that this small but mighty pager will fill the needs of any commercial facility as well.


  • 4-Line Alphanumeric Display  
  • 4-Line to 2-Line ZOOM  
  • Backlit Display  
  • 32 Message Slots  
  • Multiple Audible Alerts,Vibration and Sleep Mode  
  • Alarm Function  
  • Back Light Display
  • Hand-programmable for capcode, baud and frequency  
  • Spring Loaded Holster  
  • Month, Date, Year, Time Display  
  • Message Lock Function  
  • Extra Long Battery Life  
  • Reminder Alert  
  • Message Full Indicator  
  • Message Time Stamp  
  • Selective Message Lock / Delete  
  • Password Protection  
  • Up to 6 Capcodes Capability  
  • Sequential Lockout Option  
  • UHF 450 -470 MHz.Pocsag format  
  • Size: 2.67" x 1.85" x .67"(Similar to the discontinued Apollo 924)