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Unication Alpha Legend Secure

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The Unication Alpha Legend Secure Pager is a four line alphanumeric pager that is virtually identical to its Motorola counterpart. It is gaining popularity due to its ease of use and reliability.

It is capable of displaying 4 lines of text with 20 alphabetic characters on each line. The date and time are also displayed on the screen, along with a built in alarm clock. A reminder alert lets you know that there are still unread messages. Users can set the alerts manually as per their requirements, like vibrating alert, standard alert, no alert or silent mode, chirping alert and 7 types of various other alert sounds. 

IMPORTANT:  Unlike the other pagers that we offer in this category, the Unication Alpha Legend requires a programming cradle and a software download to your Windows based computer.  In addition, 7 different Pocsag Band Split options are available and must be specified before this pager ships.  This pager will ship directly from Unication so if an expedited shipping option is selected, please be advised that there will be a minimum 2 to 3 business day processing time required before this pager ships.  In addition, supplies have been sporadic from Unication so please check with PagersDirect regarding availability before ordering especially if you are in a rush.  Programming is available for an additional fee if you supply the capcode(s) required.  For larger quantities of 100 or more Alpha Legend Secure pagers, PagersDirect will supply the programming cradle FREE of charge upon request.