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Zipit® Confirm™ 2-way Paging Smartphone App

Starting At

Starting price: $24.95 paid monthly. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

1 month Zipit® Confirm™ Smartphone App @ $24.95
3 month Zipit® Confirm™ Smartphone App @ $71.85
12 month Zipit® Confirm™ Smartphone App @ $275.40

Zipit® Confirm™ is the smartphone app available for both iphone and Android Smartphones. It brings the same functionality as the Zipit® Now™ messaging device to your smartphone. 

Zipit® Confirm™ offers confirmed messaging and you may communicate with other smartphones via the app as well as with Zipit® Now™ messaging devices and also via standard text message to and from cellular phones even if the other phones do not have the Zipit® Confirm™ app installed.

You will also be able to receive numeric pages via a PagersDirect local or toll free pager phone number. Zipit® Confirm™ takes our standard virtual paging service to the next level.

When you need to get messages delivered fast and need to know for sure that your recipient has not only received the message but read it as well...Zipit® Confirm™ is exactly what you need to get the job done.

One of the benefits of Zipit® Confirm™ is that if you have multiple colleagues who participate in on-call rotation where one person is on duty for a specified day and then another person is on call and so on, the Zipit® Confirm™ can be loaded on each person's phone and whoever logs in last will be the person who will be alerted. This allows you to sign up for just one service and let your colleagues take turns on who gets paged. Perfect for doctors who take turns covering for each other. This is the digital equivalent of passing a pager around to those on-call.

The cost savings can be substantial compared to apps that require a separate subscription for each member of a team.

Zipit® RAP™ is the online web reporting module that will show you when a message was sent, received and read by the holder of the device. Included with you Zipit® Confirm™ subscription.

To get started, simply download the Zipit® Confirm™ app for either your Apple iphone or your Android compatible smartphone. Then sign up for service here. We will provide you with the password and login information as soon as it's available.

Online orders will be activated by the next business day if received by 1pm eastern time Monday through Friday not including holidays, however your text messaging number will take 24 to 48 to become active.

(Please note that we do not supply the phone, just the service to the app.)

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